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why is yume nikki so fucking scary

| bro i just started it for the first time and IT'S FUCKING FRIGHTENING mostly because of all the dreams are my childhood dreams too, like someone just created a game about my mind and added a scary ambient to it. for example a dream with rainbow creatures i clearly remember from the time i was in the hospital for about a week, or the forest dream with sum african-type freaks background i remember too, my father used to own those african masks when i was 2-3 years old.

| "african-type freaks" is crazyyyy

nah but i never really felt scared playing that game. a few "the fuck..?" bits and that's it.

| >>2a6c9d hm?

| >>956956 I have no idea neither

| Play yume 2kki go to nocturnal groveā€¦ life is good

| I always found Yume Nikki calming and comforting. Esp the Snow World and Poniko's room

| >>956991 i've never felt as if i've been in any sort of danger in nikki or 2kki

| I mean I guess I can understand where you're coming from by it being scary, I can't really relate personally but I know some people who found it unsettling, some friends told me basically that they felt like they weren't the only ones in the game so I guess that's kinda freaky

| I remember there being a mall area that very much reminded me of feeling alone, or being distanced inside your own world despite being surrounded by people.
the bird peeps occasionally gave me just scares but thats about it.

| >>957130
nah i mean the game is not scary itself, but my memories of past about those dreams are making it a lot more scarier. like those aztec guys (i thought they were african, lol), i feared them a lot, to the point where i couldn't sleep with them in the same room. and ofc the soundtrack (besides that these are just looped sounds) is making it more unsettling.

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This thread is permanently archived