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The Japs love CP...

| I just found out that the Japanese slang term for "shipping" as used by fujoshi is CP (coupling) ヽ(´ー`)ノ


| I discovered it upon visiting this board and looking at the thread list:

(Google translated:)
"Let's propagate the recommended CP"
"Children's animation CP favorite guy"
"Don't name your favorite CP, tell me Moe"
"[Honestly] The boy in the class who is making a CP [write in]"
"Gintama CP"
"Thread to write about minor CP"
"Just talk about your favorite CP."
"Thread to make anonymous CP without permission Part 17"


| it makes more sense than calling it shipping though

| Lol u realy thinck I will read that

| to some extent i unironically hate japs.

| Obligatory recommendation to use the country code jpn instead of the WWII slur "jap"

| Next you're going to find out nigga means you in korean

| Bring back jap

| >>956930 Jarvis, open the racial slur database dot com and give me all slurs for japanese people.

| >>956930 shut up americans. Real land of the rising sun allies call them by their full name the Nihonggggggggggggggggggggggggoers

| all countries in the gmt to gmt+4 timezones deserve to be banned from this hellscape of a website

| >>957071 >>957073
What's with all the tourists lately? Do they not understand the first rule of any board is to lurk moar?

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This thread is permanently archived