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| let's roleplay, g/u/rls!!!

I'll start

*activates Pot of Greed*

| *bans you from the tournament and confiscates your deck*

| *shoots up heroin, enters the tournament venue, OD's in the corner*

| *activating Herobrine generator made from bugged command blocks*

| *fucks her own mouth in the middle of the stands*

| *recites Eminem's "Slim Shady" while coughing up phlem and semen*

| >>955037 watches in total awe

| >>955038 hears this and is instantly cured of heroin addiction

| *shits in front of you*

| >>954998 *I active ass blassum & no joy from my hand* get fucked

| *deleting mouths*

| *tries to open the fabric of space-time without success*

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This thread is permanently archived