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A challenge for you p/u/ssies

| I challenge everyone who reads this to:
Drink at least a half gallon of water every day this week
Do pushups. Don't care how many, you're a big g/u/rl, you decide if you wanna go to exhaustion or break it up with multiple sets. Idgaf
Sleep at least 5-6 hours each night this week
Consume at least 1g of protein for every 2lbs you weigh
It's just 1 week, I bet you can't pull it off.

| No!! I want ice cream!!! >:[

| >>954843 if I knew you IRL and you took on my challenge, I'd treat you to ice cream
Treats and sweets are an important part of the fitness journey! Anyone who says you have to give up desserts for good is a gawt dang'd fool

| This challenge is just my daily life

| >>954846 that's what we like to hear. Right now I'm at 120 pushups a day, a 1.25 mile run every other day, chin ups and pull ups throughout the day. Using LE PFT and Army standards to give me goals to attain

| I do most of these normally. Does climbing ladders count as replacement for push ups?

| >>954855 if you're exerting yourself then it'll count.
Basically i want anyone who reads this to make this week harder than normal. Add something to the mix if you're already going Jim regularly. The intent of this post is to try and kickstart a healthier style of living for some of the people on here. You'd be surprised how many people don't drink any water and consistently only get 3 hours of sleep. Not just on here but in IRL as well.

| I'm having trouble with the last one

| i've already been hydrating well and sleeping kind of okay but i politely refuse the rest of the challenge
i am cute, smol and uwu and i inspire others to want to protect me
having much physical strength will diminish my charm points. i'll happily do cardio if that works for you tho

| I did half a pushup.
Slept for 1 hour for every 2lb I weigh.
Consumed until exhaustion with multiple sets.
And drank 5-6 times today.

Did I do it correctly?

| >>954881 Fine. Cardio for the damsel and I'll be satisfied. Better hope you find a good bodyguard, that's your new homework.

>>954885 You've got the right spirit! I might make your super special homework to see a doctor about getting glasses or being tested for dyslexia. Keep up that grind g/u/rl!

| i challenge ur moms balls on my mouth

| Will try starting this weekend. Currently I'm getting 50-80 oz water per day and sleeping 7 hrs at night, but I don't get much protein (or any food at all for that matter) and my exercise discipline is "unstructured" at best.
So yeah, this sounds like a good challenge, will post my daily progress.

| >>954928 please do!

| >>954927 you sure you want that? My mom's nards are very salty and veiny

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