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colleague is so attention demanding

| raised to higher up, fucking hate it.

| just be uptight but polite they'll leave you tf alone

| >>e511f1
they just don't?

| hate that shit

now im the manager...im gonna treat my ppl right tho

| >>954723 catch a pigeon and bite the head off in front of them

| >>e511f1
You know I unironically love pigeon congee when I was a child living in china, your joke just bought me back.

| >>228b19
I wish everything goods to happen on you

| maybe they are just really bad at flirting?

| >>2ce64c
Doesnt change the fact that i am sick of his shit

| skill issue

| Walked away from the bad jubies, its his way of showing affection and I am a commited loner that have shit to do.




| Easy, just rape him.

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This thread is permanently archived