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strats to digest superglue without side effects?

| I was thinking of assuming some cyanoacrylic so maybe my body would become very easy to get attached to after sex.
any experts?

| in before, I've already though about putting it down there but it would first close up the whole thing and second, it'd be very hard to hide the facts that I need to apply superglue before sex

| Make shock sensitive glue pockets you can shove in your pussy. His dick will burst them and then attach him permanently to you

| >>954691 what if he doen't want to cum inside?

| >>954799 that's his problem!

| >>954799 Don't give him a choice.

| Make him. Buy a handgun. Hold him at gunpoint and make his little boy brains break from cumming too hard

| >>954799 legs exist for a reason, use them

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This thread is permanently archived