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Is it better to shower during the day or at night


| my sisters seem to prefer mornings, i do it in the evening tho. i never got around to asking why they do it that way

| >>954621 can u ask her thnx sm

| I think it's case by case. Showering in the morning helped me with acne as a teen, and it makes it easier for me to wake up. I'm lazy AF until i take my morning shower

| The purpose of showering is achieve cleaness so it's more logical to shower whenever you arrive home since the outside is dirty. If you don't leave the house then shower whenever you want, night showers are preferable because your bed should remain clean.

| Also you should shower whenever you exercise for obvious reasons so it's not always a matter of day or night but rather what you do to justify a shower

| Ye, I exercise quite regularly so sleeping with the sweat stank is a no go

| shower always all times always always shower always

| I shower at midday or early evening. It takes me too long to shower in the morning and I don't like having my hair wet at bedtime.

| never shower, it's more time efficient

| both, dont be lazy

morning showers help you wake up, get off sleep sweat and eyecrust etc and have you going into the day feeling fresh and clean

night showers wash off the day's grime and sweat, relaxes your muscles and calms you down, and you're clean getting into bed

| Night

| >>954688 i feel usually sleepy after shower.. in morning it's dangerous.. my experience xd

| both
both is good

| >>954697
Pretty much this, but also dry your hair properly so it doesn't look bad in the morning and so you don't catch a cold

| lots of non smelly people here tysm

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