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"once u join the world u ll understand"

| except if you dont wannnnna. oR donnt needaaa. or canntaaaa. or not wanttedddaaaaa.

Hey, everyone has CRITERIAS. aye?

| Hello demoman from Team Fortress 2!

| joining the world sounds shitty, theres too much politics and not enough cuddles
plus im too dumb to understand anyway lol

| jesse we need to cook

| understand what? Quit speaking in riddles

| >>949036 sometimes u just feel the need to vaguepost about shit. like whatever it is you're feeling. venting and all that. nothing wrong with that.

| i am very curious what OP means tho.

| >>949011 join the world with me, we can cuddle as much as you want

| is it too late to mention vrchat?

| it is the perfect time to mention vrchat

| Is it too latr to mention the remington solution?

| Apply it to yourself, you double nigger.

| >>949039
makes as much sense as high-fiving yourself in the mirror

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This thread is permanently archived