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played the game again and realized...

| 1) didn't see any tranny character in my playthrough, so it was all a trannyvention in the end

2) the both of us, based antitrans and trannies, we're just all a bunch of bitches in the end... shit out of magic and missing something inside... and we all need a Jill or Alma in our lives, and a VA11Hall1a...

play the fucking game

that is all :V

| you're just a brain in a jar you self-important banana beetch

| Fuck, I just lost the game

| >>948868

| how did you play the game and get antitrans messages from it

| >>948878
Didn't, but also didn't get the opposite.

| antitrans ; based !

| >>948897
Yeah, but don't forget about the truce: we're here for VA11-Hall1a, not for or against trannies, except when they push their shit. We're not really looking to turn into /pol/ also yeah I broke my rule sorry rossy

| >>948900 i'm gonna push tranny shit into your mouth uwu

| >>948860 don't listen to these jerks op. you've got a nice conclusion for the situation, too bad some people can't stop themselfs from ruining everything.

| rent free

| all the characters are trans hopes that helps <3

| OP, are you saying anything other than "trans people are ok as long as they don't post!", or am i misinterpreting your olive branch?

| >>948900 >>948905
babe ... ?

| There is a character called TOMCAT who will appear if you give Alma a Flaming Moai before day 16. TOMCAT is either nonbinary or genderfluid, both of which fall under the transgender umbrella.

| Don't care, won't care. In the world where you can find plenty of porn with girls with dick and people fap to them, no one cares what video game character identify as.

The problem is when the game become preechy towards anti/pro LGBT and shoehorn it to the plot just because the writer feels like to promote their world view in it.

I never find Va11halla to be preachy; ROM 2064 however, that's a different case.

| >>948939 I play shitty free itch.io games made for no reason other than to include lgbt characters and even I thought ROM was preachy. The gay bartender part made me upset. Also the game sucked.

| >>948891 Ohh, sorry. I misunderstood your post OP.

| Have you ever played The Red Strings club? I thought it was a little preachy too, even though I consider myself more of a lefty than a righty. Granted, I have not finished the game because of how obnoxious I thought it was.

| >>948953
nah i'm allergic to preachy shit

| Could you please let this thread die? I'm sick of losing the game every time I enter /u/


| | / |!
|' / |_

| Val is definitely lefty material, it just priorities story and has the LGBT stuff just be a matter of fact. Like doesn't alma have a sibling who transitions? But it's not there to grand stand it exists to show family oriented she is because she's a Hispanic.

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