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wat /u/ think about tattoos

| i'm getting a meaningful one, but i also want more just for the aesthetic

| >asking anonymous textboard users about tattoos
>in the context of you getting one
i'm not giving you validation even if you pay me, you fucking prick

| lmao.

i don't have any (yet?). imma just say don't get a corny one. you can get em removed but ain't it expensive?

| In my eyes, a small one is fine. Any more than that makes the wearer uglier, no matter how 'cool', 'meaningful' or 'aesthetic' it is

| Self-expression is based

| trashy...

| unless they're glow in the dark sorry

| >>948805 weird
>>948806 anything specific you want to get?
>>948827 this is exactly how i think about it. a little more than one or two small tattoos look trashy like>>dde537 says. but something about the rest of your tattoos being hidden under clothing makes it so alluring to me. i dont know
>>948853 awesome.

| Everyone who is reading this should get a teardrop tattoo as a funny joke

| >>948863
i got the shadow of the colossus emblem as a glow in the dark tattoo on my back. you know, the same one the colossi have. i'm real happy with it.

| well, it's ultraviolet and not true glow in the dark.

| got one, preparing for another

theyre badarse

| amazing chill B)

| I think it would be cool but I can't think of anything I'd want, other than a full back tattoo of Rad Corgi.

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This thread is permanently archived