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I feel like picking a direction and walking.

| I live in a household with a familly of 6 (me included). Me, my fiancé, her mom and dad and the moms parents. I moved here a year and a half ago out of an abusive household. Recently I got a concussion and went to the emergency room but before this i called the mother of my fiancé which i will be referring to as j.w to tell her my boss might send me home. She told me it was OK then went behind my back and told my fiancé it's an exuse. I do have a concussion. She won't apologize.

| Unfortunately, some people never grow up and continue to spread rumors and talk about other people behind their back well into adulthood. Their motives may not be clear and apparent at first, but if you pay attention to their actions in the days following the dropping of that information then they may give their motives away. Hopefully it won't negatively affect your self-esteem, or cause unwanted problems in your life.

| Sadly, even with hard evidence, they’re likely not going to change their core behavior, which means you’ll never really be able to trust them with anything important. People can change. They absolutely can – but most don’t because change is hard or they just don’t care enough to try. By all means, confront the person and try to seek a resolution if you want to try to salvage the friendship or relationship, but maintain realistic expectations about how successful that will be.

| Simply put, there’s little reason to waste your valuable time or emotional energy on people that you know you can’t trust. Sometimes standing up for yourself is knowing when to step back quietly from something that doesn’t serve you anymore. You’ll need to decide the best approach for you and your life, whether that is an open confrontation or just quietly stepping away to preserve your peace.

| Sometimes when you confront a dishonest person you run the risk of turning it into a population contest which, if you're on the spectrum like me, won't be in your favour. Luckily your fiancé got your back and you got hard evidence against your MIL. Even though it sucks when stuff like this happens, at least you got a good measure of your MILs character.

| popularity contest*

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This thread is permanently archived