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putting on 30 lbs in a year

| I'm fucking getting fatter and fatter each passing year. I feel like I'm going to be on my 600 pound life stuck in a bed soon.

| Eat cockroaches

| cute OP

| my bowling ball lookin' dad went on keto a couple months ago and shed 40 pounds already from what i last heard
gaining weight is not an irreversible process g/u/rl

| try to stay active and eat lots of lean meats

| >>948482 protein

| Go for walks more, reduce portions and cut soft drinks in half since soda builds water weight.

| Lose weight then

| praying for you.

| Exercise and eat less, no shortcuts.

For starter, just develop a habit of exercising, pick a time in a day and always do exercise on that time no matter what. Stop worrying about "what makes you lose weight faster" just move and sweat. Like sport? Do them, no friend? Treadmill, no equipment? Jogs, no space? Prison exercise.

For eating less, pick a hobby and turn your autism to 11 that you can forget your meal. MMO ia a good timesink, single player game works, maybe read a book.

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This thread is permanently archived