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/u/ is quite lively!

| I've made a thread just to make it even more lively!

Laugh thread!

| No, it's dead.

| >>948444 from a new person's point of view, i don't see how. was it much more active before? and i really mean like, was there a point where it was REALLY active?

| >>948447 what's the point of a talking about the past? Enjoy what is happening and will happen.
I don't like seeing things going to be explained over and over again.
The only thing that matters is being aware of va-11 hall-a follow its ways.

| Present day,
Present time.

| your mom is quite lively. on my dick that is.

| >>948503 >my dick


| >>948441
thank you

| i love you guys!

| do you guys ever get nervous

| >>948558 can you stop a bitch?

| being*

| yes I am a guy hello fellow dudes

| >>5c04ea

| Epic Fail

| >>948664 >>948667 DON'T LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT! I've tried, OKAY?

| >>948560
Im nervous rn bro

| >>948695

| >>948705 MEANIE!

| >>948695 I laugh at your failure.

| >>948720 that's a very boring as a response. You can do better!

| >>948586
yeah ;)

| >>948701
do you ever find it hard to like breathe

| >>948717
no u!

| >>948733

| >>948629 obvious lie. there are no boys on the internet.


| remember to drink water, g/u/rls!

| /u/ is fucking dead. i am responsible for more than half of the posts here with way too many ips on my hands and enough writing styles to make real schizos proud. in a better life, i'd be running a social media bot farm.

| >>949014 wow that's very cool!

| >>949014 I have written every single thing you will ever write on a napkin (a really long one) ten years ago at a lunch date with a local government official. I still remember snickering thinking about this exchange, the moment those wires would finally cross.

| >every single interaction on this site is by one single entity in existence

| >mfw my own fake personality on danger/u/ is becoming self aware

| i think we should all read homestuck

| >>949034
I'd rather not return to my highschool years

| んエ。

| You know what is also quite lively?


| >>949067

| >>949014 shizo g/u/rl with 9000 ips!

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