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I am a non fucked up sociopath


| good for you op

| Well, I'm a fucked up sociopath.

| Well, I'm fucked up.

| I'm updog

| i have too many people putting a lots of trust on me all the sudden and that make me feel uneasy

| i would never trust anyone in that level.

| not that i would betray them, nor i actually takes into heart in a personal level.

| isn't one of the defining traits of sociopathy that there is a need to exploit others and results from childhood abuse or/and trauma?
Just tell them you can't accept the level of trust they have placed on you. That's a truth, and you can tell them your diagnosis of you are one of the rare sociopaths that can form limited attachment.

| >>948431 sociopath is not about being awkward and not being able to understand how to explain yourself while everything happens. It's about knowing how to manage people without being affected by them whatoever, that's no downside.
>>948413 So for self preservation reasons. Do you have anyway to enjoy life? Literally anything goes.
I give that you do not seek to become "normal".

| Actually it's more approriate to ask if you were seeking any kind of specifi advice or if you were just here to release some feelings.

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This thread is permanently archived