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I am a mess

| I recently realized the way i treated women was unaceptable and decided i needed to take action.
One of my close friends warned me of my behaviour, seeing that most of it was unconscious, and since i'm young, he thinks i can change.

I objectify and sexualize women too much, each time i'm at a party, i always end up all around a new girl, even though i'm convinced my heart is already owned by someone else.

| For the past few days, i can't do nothing but be ashamed of what my brain thinks when i see a beautiful woman, or when my brain decides to have sexual thoughts of any kind.
I know it's not what my friend wants, but thats who i am, i always go to the extreme at first, thats the only thing i have.

I'll be better, for my sake, for the sake of the one i truly love, and for my friends sake.

| cool and rare.
post updates.

| a big big mess? you mean a really big mess?

| Don't girls also do this?

| >>948410
i'm a girl

| :|

| I love sex.

| >>948416 >is a woman
>objectifies women
that's some serious depersonalization juice you're smoking there sister

| shit happens

| sounds like you need the love and affection of a serious long term relationship, ngl.

| You need to find God.

| Me again,
i killed porn.
Thats right, im getting rid of porn as a first and meaningful step.

From now on, i will only yank my doodle with no sexual thoughts/fantasies, wich is a thing i can do, and guess what, focusing on the pleasure it gives me makes the thing even more enjoyable than before.

| >>948430
You know, i thought that it was what i needed at first.

Thats why i was always searching for love everywhere. But i don't even know what love means to me !

I've got more important things to do before trying to find someone.

| damn. good on you for recognising it and trying to improve, seriously.

| Growth is not just expected it’s applauded. ????????

| [clapping hands emoji]

| >>948471 i'm workin on this one rn too

| >>948471 Eyy you should try reading The EasyPeasy Method.
It hasn't really worked for me, but It's definitely help frame porn use in less hopeless, doomer-ey ways.
It also convinced me that I'd probably would need some sort of therapy for it.

Ehhh, I think there's a difference between having a partner support you and going in to a relationship w the intent of having them fix your problems.

| oops last part was meant for >>b6b05a


Spent an afternoon with a girl i wanted to date/flirt with in the past, but this time, i didn't !

It felt amazing to free myself from the shackles of love, and see her as a friend and not as a potential romantic relationship.

I know it sounds dumb ok, but my subconscious is sooooooo light, i feel i could fly.

| Just knowing what is wrong in your behaviour and understanding it, is such a big step, i did not even realize it.

| :D

| >>948416
omg based
clapping banana emoji

| OP is on his way to become based

| >>948416 NO FUCKING WAY!! you guys are so relatable omg

| >>948843 Oh, yeah. Idk if the feeling is completely the same, but I think that I felt like this after I stopped dating that girl.

| Update:

Today i failed the masturbation thing, and through a burst of uncontrolled hornyness, i looked at an hentai, not even a good one.
The sensations i felt sucked ass, i came but it was definitely better without porn.

Progress is done by doing mystakes, and this one is setting me on the right track.

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