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What happened to the discord server ?

| I remember there was a danger/u/ discord server some time ago, but I can't find it anymore. Does anybody here have the invitation link?

| I hope it got disbanded

| >>948230 why

| >discord

| >>948230 all the edge of /new/ concentrated into one hovel

| >>948232 no, kys

| >>948234 you kys lmao

| >>948233 damn, I only used it years ago

| >>948235 no, you kys lmao

| >>948234 totally destroying the point of having an anonymous board into trying to leak it out for a circlejerk.
Did va11halla's dangeru had a discord shit?

kys, you're more disgusting than the cockroaches.

| >>948238 Yeah, but the discord and the board were two different things

| Anyways, thanks for the help subhuman board users


| >>948241 You can't even read?
>>948243 "subhuman board user", you're not even trying to hide anything then. You're enemy to this board itself and you go around trying to suck users into your ass hole that's the discord's room.
You must be joking, this is behold ridiculous.

| >>948244 Things change when you understand that cockroaches are always stable on being on the same level of disgusting while some people with "effort", like OP, can put themselfs even lower to that level.

| omfg.

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This thread is permanently archived