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just proposed to my sister

| and she said yes!! I'm so happy I feel like melting right now. Ever since we were kids playing together I felt this way, but was always afraid to tell her. But now I know she loves me too and we can be together forever. Shes not perfect and she pissess me off sometimes but I love her so much its not enough to stop it.

don't want tension in the family so we won't tell anyone for now but I really need to share these emotions or I will explode. It feels like a dream I am so happy

| huge if true. happy for you g/u/rl. please post a lot about your steamy honeymoon sex when the time comes.

| <3

| Alabama

| Congrats on getting your sister's hand in marriage, you really pulled it off, I'm happy for you~

| tfw no sweet onee-chan to pin against surfaces

why even live ;-;

| awww~ thats so sweet! So happy for you g/u/rl! Little jealous no onii-chan for me 3: but congrats meow~!

| What the fuck.

| very strange but whatever.

| common danger/u/ W. good job g/u/rl

| :/



| >>948184
Is your sister younger or older than you OP?

| thanks for the support, talking about it anonymously makes me feel alot more confident than I am irl. Even seeing people disliking it is not as painful as I thought it would be.
>>948316 shes 2 years younger, but we were always kinda the same height so people often assumed we were twins. Sometimes I feel like the younger one the way she treats me tho

| Nothing like some good ol' white culture

| Would you say the doujin lines when cooming inside her? Something like "I'm cooming inside your pusi, lil sis!"

| haram, may your souls rot in jahannam until eternity ends

| Well done and congratulations. This is what being a g/u/rl is all about!

| Reasons why danger/u/ is the worst site on the internet

| >>948502 the best site*

| >>948461 :(

| I'm happy for you gurl!

| i really want to fuck my older sister. i search out incest media to watch and its all i really want out of my life. i let my boner poke her the last time we hugged each other but that's been over 4 years ago now

| >>948502 >>948545
It's both.

>>948377 don't have kids, do that for me & I'll be happy for you.

>>948796 you miss 100% of the shots that you don't take, but the fact she hasn't hugged you in 4 years is probably an indication that she's not down.

| >>948798
I haven't seen her in over 4 years. We don't live in the same country.

| It's ok g/u/rls Albert Einstein married Elsa Einstein so there's no shame here

| >elsa
frozen lookin ass lmaoooooo

| >>948796

| Tell me this is a shitpost.

| so it's actual """love""" or do you just want to fuck?

| momento

| Are you planning on having kids too?

| nothing better than steamy loveydovey babymaking sex with your sister

| >>949027 no its not just about sex. I always enjoyed spending time together. Walking around holding hands. Making her laugh when she is sad or angry. Hugging after a nasty argument. It felt good just to be there for her and having her be there for me. I am no expert on "real" love but this feels pretty close. Never felt this way about anybody else regardless.
>>949059 we are not planning on having kids of our own, but we talked about adoption. Maybe someday when we are ready

| Obama propose segus to u

| >>949178 OP here my id changed. Also thanks again to those who support. I hope we can make it work and post about our progress sometime later

| you can tell us if it's fake now

*PS the risk of genetic defects only become serious after several generations of continued incest
You can knock her up

| you should knock her up

| oh yeah that's love i guess.

imagine being the child of parents that are siblings.

| >>949178 If you see kids in your future together, adopted or your own, might as well make them yourself

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