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Hey g/u/rl

| You're looking cute today
Trimmed nosehairs, fat ass
Keep up the good work

| im not fat ):

| >///<
telling me i have a fat ass is the fastest way to my heart

| >>6bd7b1
Your ass is the fattest I've ever seen :)

| thank you mwah hehe~ meow

| how loud are your farts tho? does it go BRRRRRRRRRRTT? or BRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP?

| Hey g/u/rl, hey g/u/rl
Don't lie to me
Tell me where did you sleep last night?

In Danger/u/ in Danger/u/
Where strangers will tell yo/u/
That your ass is so damn fat

| >>948153 damn sis those lyrics go better together than kurt and a browning a-5

| Superstar DJs

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This thread is permanently archived