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Would you

| Pirate software or get hired in japanese company

Or anywhere else

| what was the cognition going thru ur head that made u write this

| i dont ubersandt,,. j

| >japanese company
>work ethic not found

ngl i'm fucked.

| Nyehehee~ i work in japan softaare to make games of me :3

| i need to get hired in general

| I prefer to pirate like a chad

| >>948160
how come it´s always betas who call themselves chad xD

| >>948191 idk, pirating is chad behaviour imo

| >>948191 idk, cannibalism is chad behaviour imo

| >>948322 i know right?

| >>948025 pirate software in japanese company

| >>948025 but also i'm thinking about pirate japanese company or let software hire.. honestly difficult choice!

| probably option 2..


| >mfw they don't know i left a usb drive full of fart porn in in their house

| >>948025
depends. can the japanese company fire me? because going in to work and just sitting around reading for a full shift, like they did with those workers who wouldn't retire early, could be fun.

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This thread is permanently archived