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bro what are g/u/rls?? (yes im new here) )


| The term 'g/u/rl' is a nickname users here call each other - It comes from the game VA-11 Hall-A where the self-titled name of this app comes from and where you can access a parody-app of text boards on the internet.

If you haven't played VA-11 Hall-A, you really should. It's really good and short.

| a girl who uses /u/. no boys allowed on the internet!

| >>948002
>no boys allowed on the net
exactly !!!

| >>948002 you are wrong. Boys are absolutely allowed in here. It's just that they mostly spend their time doing sport, attending seminars, or drink in bars. They are not losers like us who are to afraid to socialize and post anonymously in here while touching ourselves.

| >>948027 flicking my bean to this rn

| >>fb57bd post dick or gtfo

| Boys on the internet aren't real, they are either creepy 50yo women or FBI agents.

| this thread glows ngl

| >>948132 imagine if the kys thread brought glowsticks here

| >>948033

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This thread is permanently archived