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more often than not am i telling someone to kill themselves.

| this is new...

it sometimes feels like i've become less angry and irritable but more harsh. i cannot explain this in a better way right now o this will do even though it seems nonsensical...

| whenever i do tell someone to kill themselves, it's always genuine. this might be even more strange considering how much i value life in general*

* both mine and others.

| i say, my emotions are a wild mess. i guess that's all it comes down to. this is just one of many odd things.

| but it might even be more simple than what i'm believing it ought to be tbh.

| goddamn i need a journal to write this shit in so i don't dump this online.

| Maybe just don't be a dick op

| >>947903 will do, i guess.

| OP, have you considered the possibility that it's actually you who should kill yourself?

| >>947912 maybe.

| Stop projecting your feelings and goals onto other people. Start with small defenceless animals!


| op, you're cuter when you don't go to therapy.

| Op u psycho, delete u and the internet. Touch ass.

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This thread is permanently archived