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Maybe i can literally do whatever i want now

| But i guess it s still good to study some other things.

They say so too.

But then again

| Work on yourself maybe?

| >>947823 what do u mean by that

| >>947874
If you flunk out of your studies you should work on yourself instead of making tons of vague shitty threads on a malaysian mouthfucking internet forum.

| >>947884 na i peaked my studies. It dont make money yet cuz the market but i got everything i need

I wanna learn other things now but they dont look v quizzy for me either.
Guess i dont got the talent

I wonder if they consider you malaysian either you squint eyed motherfucker chingling nigger poo

So again, what the fuck do you mean by work on yourself, fuckwit. Explain your , daily schedule, if you know how to write, that is.

| >>947888 I don't care if you are from planet Namek, but if you go on autistic sperg like that again everytime your hear the word Malaysian, I will call you Malaysian or Indonesian anyday, babe.

| >>947888 you sound pretty malaysian to me tbh

| actually malaysian. lmao

| unhinged.

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This thread is permanently archived