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they watch

| I remember this one time in elementary school I was reading an equation in an algebra book that was years old before I ever came across it. one of the questions used a kid with a pet hamster for the example. The kids name was my name and the hamsters name was also the name I gave to my hamster. I remember freaking out and trying to show it to everyone because it went beyond coincidence but nobody really seemed to react. Now that I'm an adult I feel like it was some sort of message.

| that memory bothers me man.

| I've had this happen to me too, i don't know if my name is common but I've seen it used in a lot of different math problems during school that sometimes would weirdly apply to me and I would get super paranoid for a while and think someone is watching me

| >>947776 Nii-san is watching you.

| Same here. The weird thing was I actually bought 38 pineapples the day before.


| I'm going to spoil this. I went to a primo school where a lot of the teachers authored the textbooks used across my region. They just use the names of students they like in those problems. Usually just students, sometimes friends. If the student liked soccer, then they'll put that in the problem somehow. "John kicked 12 soccer balls per hour for three hours, how many soccer balls were kicked?" kinda deal. In other words, if your teacher authored a textbook, you're probably in it.

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but how the fuck did she know that I had a pet hamster named felicia. I never once shared that information. how.

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You probably did but don't remember it. It was what, how long ago?

| I have nothing to add to this thread, I just thought my ID was a pretty colour and wanted to share that.

| :)

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