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It's so so important to find out your romantic orientation

| First hand experience.

| my orientation is towards to dommy desu in the other thread kya

| you mean like if you're gay or not

| >>af0cf3
The way you respond is why i would never brings this topic in real life, there are more than two of them sweet heart.

| my orientation is submissive neko femboy interested in yanderes~

| >>947723 NYA!

| >>947711 gay, gayn't and pomu

| >>947711 true, there are 4 whole options, depending if you want to fuck, get fucked and which genitals the other party has

| >>947711 of course mommy, im sorry you consider it's better to talk about it here :(

| >>947697

are you saying it's not important or ... ?

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This thread is permanently archived