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Looking for the provocative gurl [stay away if you're not her]

| So this is a better ground. I feel bored so I'm willed to entertain her. Do something I guess? I'm the dummy target here, hello!
Do your worst.

| why do you consider yourself important enough to provoke

| why indeed. For starter, I do feel myself just findining curious in you. You're looking for something, right?
Can I also call out on your ego? It's difficult to give respect to someone that goes around to show their self importance.
How was your plan? Tauting till you get an answer?

| Who is that provocative gurl? We need some background lore

| it seems she blacked out. Don't dump this thread.

| >>947651 apparently it me
gurl idk lmao i just shitpost here. desu

| >>947584 my ego is deeper than mariana trench.. but i love 24/7 attention~ and you can do with me anything you want to! imagine something as misa amane or harley quinn!

| B)

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This thread is permanently archived