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Where is te tranny NEET thread?

| Did things escalate so much over there that the maids removed it?

| Moved to /new/

| *reaches into bag*
*pulls out a handful of blue pills*
stay mad spergs

| haha hope this one won't turn into another shit spewing thread like the last one right g/u/rls?

| I don't understand why they shitted the thread like they did

| let's not make a part 2 pls.

| I didn't expect that the original thread would turn into such a dumpster fire.

| >>947384 /pol/tards is why

| man, seeing "+128" on that thread was bad enough to see but scrolling through that thread made my eyes gloss over

ill never be able to understand how people are willing to fight tooth and nail over someone else's personal business

hell, i should make a case study on that one of these days

| >>947391
they got trans people living in their heads rent free 24/7, that's why.

| >>947392 i suppose, but i dont know if its just me being raised sheltered or what but i just dont understand how people can be conflicted on this kind of matter

like, politics, yeah, fighting about what politician should be in office and what rules are passed makes sense since it effects you

but i want to know why people would fight over other people being trans or whatnot- something that doesnt effect them in any way. i am genuinely curious and want to understand them, no shade

| >>947361 we weren't very nice in it so the maids made it go bye bye


| >>947400 just read that thread carefully then.

| >>947400 since you seems more capable to ask for a why and doubt till you're in a comfort zone.

| take your time and come back here if in confusion.

| >>947424
how about explaining your personal stances with your own words like a normal intelligent person instead of going "hurr durr maek ur own research why i'm anti-trans"

| >>947433 what's the matter with that attitude?

| imagine being transphobic on a cyberpunk board rofl

| nothing has been done and yet things escalate.

| >>947400 don’t think about it too hard g/u/rl it’s usually just tweens who get all their politics from memes

| >>947436 OMEGALUL

| >>947436 Lmao

| >>947433
> how about explaining your personal stances
I'm going to have to move this one to /new/ too, won't I... ( -.-)

| >>947462 why not just outright delete it if it goes to shit again? is it not possible?


| >>947463 it is possible and has happened before

| we bout to do it again fellas

| >>947561 nah

| >>947562
pretty funny how it's 1/2 threds and it's 1/2 trannies
i wanna listen to bon jovi now he says WOOOO WE'RE HALFWAY THERE
keep making threads that'll fix it

| >>947564 maids can you just ban this guy i think that will solve the problem

| >>947569 agreed.

| >>947569
won't solve the crotchhole problem
you are really so mad?

| you cannot contain my joyous essence so you must rage impotently (ironic) and sucky for bann

| >>947574 you do know what game this board is based on, right? It's literally full of LGBT stuff. If you didn't play the game, or didn't like the game, then why are you here? Go back to 4chan g/u/rl.

| >>947578
there is one guy who is gay and one girl who crushes on her boss. trannies are just massively coping and trying to cram themselves into something *again*, as is usual, i suspect because subconscious reasons since they have to cram dilators up their axe wounds or else the body tries to heal it :^(

| >>947583 POV: you haven't played the game.

| >>947583 holy mother of buzzwords, you should just leave this place NOW.

| Personally, I just like the idea of everyone being "g/u/rl" instead of using other names. Otherwise a line of differences is drawn between us. I prefer a huge family with some nutcases to shitpost on whatever, than people of category a b c etc. and get also threads about our differences beside shitposting.
There are exception on some individal but I want it to be a small when it comes to it.
It probably could've been said better. ._.

| >>947608 if you want to be cohesive, rather than separated into "trans" and "not trans," then i think it would make more sense to include the trans people here and let them talk rather than post unrelated bait that leads to people shouting over us all the time. it sucks not getting to talk about a large part of my life here without starting an argument! like i got in about two posts in the other thread before the bait started. what else am i supposed to do than go talk to other...

| ... trans people? people like >>947583 are easy to deal with cause I can just keep talking while they get bored doing their own thing, it's the bait and debate that really pisses me off.

in the end if we don't respect each others' threads and shit some of them up, they're all gonna end up like this one cause CERTAIN POSTERS WHO SHOULD GO TO ANOTHER WEBSITE ALREADY will samefag until it is the only thing on the board.

| >>947608
>It probably could've been said better.
you did better than the shit I hear on a weekly basis, so you came across pretty well .-.

| can i offer you some water in this trying time, stranger? awa

| >>947632 it would be more refreshing to hear an on topic response that's not going to derail the thread so that I can actually try to have a conversation on an anonymous textboard. lmfao!

| >>947632 I'll take the drink then.

| >>947626
>it sucks not getting to talk about a large part of my life
trannies literally obsessed with themselves

| >>947700 and judging by how rent free they live in your head, you must be obsessed too g/u/rl.

| >>947705
You're rent free about me judging how you reply to me

| It's all so tiresome...

| friendly reminder to all lurkers that internet breaks can be very good for your mental health

there is a lot of useless conflict nowadays on the internet that can quietly wear you down even if youre not a part of it, and taking a break can help reverse that mental erosion

maybe one of these days try cooking a new recipe, try out that new game, or otherwise distract yourself from online stresses

personally, it helped me feel way better

| >>947837
I am in a deep online relationship and I do not think I can get over it. More like I do not want to...

You are right about the mental health part. But I think I am damag to the point of losing myself. I felt empty for months...

| >>947837 *talking to the wall* stop being mental ill. You ain't getting out of this shithole by trying to convince yourself to stop being addicted by teach the void your opinions.

| >>947861 ..?

| >>947878 ?

| >>947838 honestly g/u/rl, i think ive been there too. but trust me, there is an end to the pain. for me personally it was discovering a new passion, but it can be (and probably will be) something different for you. just hang in there, and one day you might discover something that makes you feel whole, or at least a little less empty.

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