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| https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hhx6IfKrvEQ&t=1s
dated a little bit but how much do you think this applies to danger/u/
Don't think this site is hostile enough to where a topic like this will get flamed on
but ey my mouth is wide open if you think I'm spouting bulshit.

| I get that calling each other g/u/r/ls can be a safe space, but it helps to create a similar collective identity. And is this really the best site to be a safe space? Not saying it's the majority, but finding stuff that's toxic or ends up as a doomer circlejerk is inevitable.

| im not watching that but i will pray to allah for your eternal soul

| the doomer shit is the only thing i dislike about this site tbh.


| that was a good video btw.

| i'm probably beating a dead horse here.

| there's a big difference between 4chan and this website: danger/u/ doesn't get enough posts in a day for me to spend more than 15 minutes at a time on it.

altchans in general are also just not as shitty to be on as 4chan. it's fun to be on this website, especially when the population is low. there's usually threads I don't like (like this one! >>947318 the only thing worse than doomerposting is complaining about it), but there's not usually threads that make me hate myself more.

| 4chan on the other hand makes me feel shitty because EVERY THREAD has some sort of hate or spam or argument in it.

this website's also more interesting because it's small. I can pick out individual posters. I can tell apart five or six that have been here for a couple years and I might even be able to guess who they are on discord. I've spent enough time posting here that my posts have contributed to the culture, I haven't just downloaded someone else's personality.

| the only types of threads that make me feel worse are ones that get omega derailed, but I can just hide them with the userscript if it gets unhealthy, and the people who were consistently doing it have all left or stopped. compared to the communism trio or the person who would make threads about trans people and then samefag it into an argument, the current assholes aren't even really noticable

| in the end I don't spend my time on danger/u/ in a way that will ever mean anything, and I might never grow closer with the people I like talking to. but that's what people in the real world are for.

>is this really the best site to be a safe space?
no, cause there's always a little pollution from other social media. 4chan imports are the most common but that one twitter bitch was the worst by far. I'd call this place safe if it was more insular but that's unrealistic to hope for.

| >>947329
>I can pick out individual posters.

Yeah, schizo-chan made a return in another thread lol. It's also good to see regulars like Song-chan and such.

| >>947332 I don't like being able to pick out the individual annoying people. Thanks maids for finally getting 50K chan to go away!

| >the only thing worse than doomerposting is complaining about it


| like yeah i contribute a little to the negativity here.

| Inshallah, danger/u/ is actually good most of the time if a bit manic lolxd random.

God bless /u/ mashallah. People who say newfag can burn in abandon, wallahi.

| danger/u/ is never good
i'd know, i'm the reason it isn't

| >>947413 if that's true then how come you're so fucking cute, huh??

| >>947413 ima hug you and this is a threat

| >>947336 can anyone tell me about this 50k and some little story behind that?

| >>947308 >>947330

| >>947308 Op you're alright in mind. You don't need to worry about your opinion.
Don't let people with negative way of talking influence you:)

| >>947494 there were some similar threads asking for "what game will you make if you are given 50k" or something like that and then from games it went to anime and videos to whatever will make money. OP would be vague and autistically asked detailed questions and claim to want to reach a million people or something.

I think on her last thread, she got doxxed and peole found out she's actually a metally ill indonesian; like she is actually taking pills.

| >>947500 Thanks for the spoonfeed. But I feel missing something. If she was just making thread for random "what if" and went to improve getting more people.
How did this last an effect on the board? I mean it's just a thread.
How did her lines were sort of like?
Well at least the story itself has been rounded out on its own.
Don't bother answering if you're busy. I'm happy to just know a little more about this board.

| >>947502 50k-chan was was realy persistent and did this stuff for serveral month. At the beginning her threads were losely in the correct board, e.g. a how to make 50k with 3D stuff in /tech/. But that changed after a few weeks. The threads became more and more vague, more of them in general and also in the wrong boards

| >>947500 her first post that got her the name was asking how to make $50,000 a month off art (which she was not very good at). she was annoying cause she made a lot of threads on every board. a lot of the time she was OP of like 30% of all active posts. they ranged from art and programming questions where she never continued the discussion

To long ass posts.

Formatted like this.

Mental illness posting.

Six replies long.

Complete nonsense.

Five posts per hour.

Very annoying.

| >>947525 >>947529 that's a lot of time with her. ouch. I may will be more careful then.
It really feels like something that would leave a scar. Sorry if I've made you pick up these memories.

| Oh I remember 50k-chan as well. She got one of my long posts talen down on the crossfire. Luckily maids are super good at their job an got my post back. :3c

Anyways, this site is chill. Like a non-toxic version of 4chan [few exception sure, but it's the internet. It's inevitable].

| >>947529 I liked 50k-chan's art. :3

| >>947332
It's so weird and sort of cute to see how the site grew, I swear I thought this was going to just flop in a year or two after Va11 came out.

| Sisenckis and pis'kas

| >>947567 wat!? She DID make some art? do you have a link?

| Link please, before this thread gets closed due to inactivity

| >>948038 ain't nobody gonna spoonfeed you dipass

| https://dangeru.us/search_results?search_text=50k&board_select=all

i'm way too lazy to look through the posts.

| alternative search method

| I posted in the thread in which the link to her art was posted. It's no longer in my thread watcher/tracker. Most likely deleted because the thread has her personal info in it.

If I am forced to describe it: It was just a doodle

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