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danger/u/ got me in trouble at school

| I was going through a thread where OP was looking for the best ways to commit. Now my school thinks I wanna kill myself and keeps bothering me about it.

I also got danger/u banned on the school computers.


| we're not supposed to get high schoolers until the summer! good job getting us banned OP very based

| you dummy

| >>947279
!!!!!!! My g/u/rl in Chirst, what??!!

| ヽ(*・ω・)ノ commit oxycodone

| Oh no. If the school made a PSA about it, we might get an influx of edgy high schoolers.

| jfc

| rookie mistake.

| Check your child's search history for "Dangerous U". This is a dangerous website full of dangerous g/u/rls. Keep your children safe.


| Increfible


| i remember this dunce that got discord banned from my entire district in an entirely different school by going right to the office and bragging what they could do on discord to one of their admins lol

i was 4 days away from a whole meeting with one of my own school's admins too that was going to open a discord server(owned by me lol) for our school specifically so its normal to be on discord in our school and i could have a reason to procrastinate more just vibin with buds in dms

| i still have that server just sitting at the bottom of my list, fully made but unpopulated lol

| Honestly based

| ripperoni

| Based school honestly

| Good. This place is dangerous after all

| Never get severe action like this. So they'd rather people not talk and know about it?

I get it if they ban sites that sell you pills and other tools to assist suicide, but discussing them shouldn't get similar treatment.

If I am happy with my life and someone tell me the easiest way and painless way to die, it wouldn't affect me.

| Also, I'd rather someone not kill themselves. But if they are really going to do it. I'd rather them taking pills than grab a rifle, and shoot random people until they get shot by the police.

| >>947285 :3 :3 :3

| >>947309 I dont think they will they usually just ban it and dont talk about it, however they do think this is a site for edgy teenagers now tho


| >>947674
arent we all

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