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| seems all i do is work, sleep (or at least try to), and worry about my cat nowadays

there has to be more than this

| >>947120

| literally me

| literally >>947126

| Is your name Jill and do you work in a divebar?

| >>947128 stop stalking weirdo

| do you talk to your cat ? you know it doesn't understand you right ?

| I dont.

| shit day, the dishwasher and ac broke and nothing but drunks for Paddy's Day all day

got paid but thats all going to the cat's vet bills and some new clothes i desperately need

hope yall are better tho


| >>981c02 eat the cat?

| >>947667

| >>947120 can i be your cute kitty cat too ! meow nya~! nuzzles you

| >>947311 I missread "I shit in the dishwasher" and for a second I thought 'yeah that's a good way to break the routine'

| >>947120 Of course there's more than that, there's a whole world out there waiting for you.
But to go out and do things could mean losing your comfort, your job security, etc, so most people just live 'comfortable' but soul-sucking existences.

| >>947742
the world isn't really interesting. There isn't much reason to go out either if you are lonely. not even because you are lonely because everyone is just antisocial and rude now, especially if you are a young adult.

| >>947752
If you don't go out and give life a chance you're gonna stay lonely forever, idiot retard. Yeah, that's right. I called you an idiot and a retard. And I'm fine with it. In fact, I loved it! So fuck off. Love it. Sue me if you don't like it, but good luck finding a judge who'll take that case. Or a lawyer. Fuck it, you're a fuckin' idiot who sits in front of his PC all day complaining about how shitty life is. Just don't sit in front of the PC all the time.

| there's literally nothing to do outside

| >>091718
This is sorta a lie. Sure there's a whole world out there, but once you get past the cosmetic differences, it's all the same.

There's no excitement. No adventure. No magic.

I'm thinking about developing a drug habit as a form of escapism.

| >>947886
I gave life a chance and I was rejected and now I'm too psychologically damaged to give it another. not my fault.

| >>947905
>it's everyone elses fault I make up excuses for myself

| >>947907
I have a shit life due to circumstances outside of my control. many people do. why is that hard to believe. not that I care.

| >>947891 and that's good. people should learn to appreciate doing nothing, just staying outside and living

| >>947886 you sound like an office drone that uses their meager free time to tell us what you'd rather tell your boss and colleagues
>>947910 this post was written by a neet. purposeful activity is at the core of humanity, to just sit around doing nothing is dehumanizing.

| >>947910 is it hard to accept that some people WANT interesting times?

If you're content living a life others wouldn't be interested in reading about, good for you. It's not what I wanted from life though.

The mundane tediousness of life makes me consider suicide.

| >>947918
no it's not, it's american propaganda. Their self help/improvement culture was born with country and officially became a school of thought in the 90's, funded by rich dudes and politicians.

It's true it has goods things for most people, but it is a very annihilating concept. It can be frustrating trying to be productive, and it rejects the full responsibility of our happiness to the individual when it' not true.

| And it's compatible with a conservative system, it makes people accept that somes can be superior, actually making a gap between the rich and poor.

| op just fuck a boy and you'll be fine ezpz

| >>947909
>I went outside once and met some meanies so going outside again is out of my controool

You sound like one of those whiny incel losers who can't keep a job and blames the world for their shitty attitudes.

The two of you ARE losers because you gave up. Losers. All you do is make up excuses for yourselves.

Seriously, don't just sit in front of your PC all the damn time. You're only making it worse by not taking action. The only one who can make the change is YOU

| Yeah, that's right. I gave you some tough love and mocked your feebleness at the same time. And I'm fine with it. In fact, I loved it! So fuck off. Love it. Sue me if you don't like it, but good luck finding a judge who'll take that case. Or a lawyer. Fuck it, you're a fuckin' idiot who sits in front of his PC all day complaining about how shitty life is. Just don't sit in front of the PC all the time.

| >>947952
pls be troll. nobody alive should be this ignorant and retarded

| there's some truth to what they're saying.


| dont care didnt read because i have a job

| Ok.


| good news gurls my cat is healthy ! and im paid again next friday so i might take his sister in for her annual tests. im just happy he's ok

| i'd love a good estimate on how many lives cats have saved from suicide.

| i love cats btw.

| my cat saved me >.>
can't leave the old girl behind

| I saw an owl last night. It flew into my screened porch and was getting confused on how to get out.

I ended up carrying it out with a piece of firewood it climbed on.

| not reading any of this bs, basically all you have to do to get out of this predicament is to

| >>948346
for reallll my babies are what keep me going some days

| is this where i mention vrchat?

| >>948512 the vrchat pipeline will change you.

stop. stop posting about vrchat.

| 2 days off babes !!
seeing the doctor tomorrow and i have a friend date tuesday night but otherwise im sinking into the couch with my bong and my cats and my screens

| gl

| >>948537 im part of the vrchat pipeline and im happier for it tbh


| >>948576 it's not our fault you got rejected from vrchat. stop being a sperg about it

| i think im gonna clean and tidy the place today while the roommate is out at the doctor. i wanna relax too but i hate it when the place is so cluttered

| >>948581 don't even play vrchat like that. just seen what retards can get themselves into playing that shit.

| >>948640 >i never played vrchat but i know its bad because its bad

| >>948644
>don't even play vr like that
>like that

| >>948645 use english instead of ebonics if you want to be understood mf

| ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

| did laundry, dishes, cleaned the closet, swept and mopped, changed all the litters, put out birdseed...im still restless though

| >>948646
>be stupid
>blame everyone else for being stupid

typical incel behaviour

| my very pretty cis fem coworker wants to hang out tomorrow ! we're getting coffee and going shopping this is gonna be nice :)

all my old friends have moved away and i barely go out anymore. it's nice to have someone that wants to hang out invite me to something

| no im not gonna fuck her before any of you degenerates suggest that

also i have no idea how my vent thread turned into a vrchat recruitment space lol


| to spread some positivity in this thread, proud of you. you ain't give up despite these thoughts.

| >>d50ae1
thank you so much, i think we all need to hear that more often <3

| about to leave to meet my coworker !! i hope i look decent, i had a bit of "blehh" this morning but fuck it


we had coffee and checked out a tattoo parlor and then thrifted at 3 shops together and then had a few beers before calling it a day and i had SO MUCH FUN LIKE--

we genuinely both needed this and now i have a new bestie i am so fucking happy right now !!!!!!

| sick. anons, this can be you. just keep at it.

disbelief all you want, it'll do you no favors. and (some vague shit about society). proud of you, OP.

| these are the first steps. it'll get better, anons. trust.

| >>948913 I'm praying for an opportunity like this soon. Someday it will come...

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