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| I got permabanned...

| What did you do

| posted too many avatar pics

| oh 4chan. i only browse /vr/ there. what did you even do

| >>947032

| >>947038 fucked up but true

| >>947017 welcome baci :DD

| F for our fallen sister...

| No wonder the board's gone to shit when it's all 4chan rejects. [ohayo]

| >>947077 that's a bad mindset dummy.

| do any of you g/u/rls still go to 4chan? I only go there when I want to try and find obscure shit or lurk

| >>947081 i only browse /x/.

| >>947083 find any good stories recently or is it still the same kinda stuff

| >>947030
all I did was make a thread about ai lolis. I didn't even use a nsfw image either.

| >>947090 hey I think I saw that actually! didn't pay much attention to it because I couldn't care less about ai art but still what a coincidence

| >>947081 I visit /v/ often because I find it funny

| /v/ just devolved into boomer Facebook, it's 90% of people reeing about game of the week being wOkE, no memes, creatively sterile now.

Think It peaked in 2014.

| >>947115 and can the site please do something besides wojaks?

| >>947083

| >>947083 you degenerate! bet you masturbate everytime there!

| regarding /x/: only read posts by the OP in story threads... disregard everyone else.

anyone know any alternative *chan sites focused on /x/ content?

| >>947153 you probably have to go outside the realm of anonymous message boards for that g/u/rl

| For me it's /g/, /ck/, /jp/ and /s4s/

| >>947167 fuck.

| i visit /vt/ whenever i want a laugh

| i visit /vt/ whenever i want a laugh

| >>947172 you could also learn to read a new language and find /x/ related shit outside of the English speaking internet but either way you have your work put out for you good luck g/u/rl

| https://uboachan.net/x/res/389.html

| uboachan is an imageboard focused on yume nikki and it's fangames. with some other cool shit too. not as active as it used to be but it's a good read.

| lmao https://uboachan.net/x/res/389.html#q721

| >>947174 based schizo /vt/sister

| they denied my appeal bros

| >>947452
you will never date a man, stop larping

| >>947453 that's quitter talk go out there and fuck a man now!


| >>947452 there are no boys on the internet OP. Either dick picks in /d/, or gtfo.

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