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A femboy, with some interesting questions ~!

| Well hello femboy here, my name is vc (online) and iv'e been a femboy for a little over 3 months. What my question is, why do I feel good when I but on stockings or thigh-high socks with short shorts or skirts. Cause when I do i just get a chill like shiver that just washes over me. This same chill washes over me when i think about getting fucked by my BF. what is this feeling ? why is it happening to me and why does it feel so good ? (pls help me g/u/rls of DANGER/u/)

| there are no femboys on the internet
stop larping

| >>946619 exactly

| lol boy on the internet. dick pics or fake

| AGP moment
Am I right fellas?

| OP bragging about the fact they have a boyfriend. ( ;~;)

| >femboy
>bragging about bf
>bragging about skirts and thigh highs

g/u/rl, there is a line and you crossed it

| Probs because you live in a society that doesn't completely agree with it and has taboos on gender expression. Jouisance my nibba.

| I'm not intersted
I want to refund my time back >:(

| >no dominant femboy bf

| you're a mentally ill faggot. There isn't much reason other than that. you're addicted to being a degenerate.

| >>947088 Yes Mr.schizo we know~ Now please take your pills already

| >>947088
Sadly true. Men can be gloriously beautiful and "femboys" or cuteboys can be amazing but most of the time they're nonexistent or filled with craziness and tranny shit.
It's pretty damn sad, real /cb/ chads remember

| >>947094 don't lose hope g/u/rl be the cuteboy you want to see in the world

| >>947092
???? retard.

| >>947095
No I'm too masc for this. Again very sadly. I used to be cuter, fuck I used to be cute as fuck and had the perkiest bubble butt you can think of, I remember feeling insecure because I used to wear yoga pants and I saw my reflection in some door one time and it was actually completely sticking out. Had to wear jackets for a while lel
Also this one time where I got approached by a guy who asked me if I was like 14 years old, I was 18. Immediately walked away. Prolly a pedo

| >>947097 go back to 4chan anon. There's only g/u/rls on this board.

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