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why is dating sim more fun than the actual thing

| because i more comfortable facing a fucking monitor.

| haha

| One is made to be pleasant, the other is reality

| m-maybe i can be your fucking monitor

| G/u/rls after tryin out tokimeki memorial 2 for an hour

| >>946413 *fucks you monitor*

| stop fucking your monitors

| People surprised at how much money vtuber simps and gacha gamers spend on their digital waifu, but no one compare it to the average cost of IRL dating.

| >>946872
You guys pay for dating???

| >>946866 *fucks your dreadnought*

| >>946873 of course blind g/u/rl you clearly haven't woke up yet.
Wake up g/u/rl!

| >>947152
Wake up, Neo.

The Matrix has you.

| Because on a dating sim you know there actually is a chance of success

| Because you are in control of any relationship in that dating sim game.

| >>946872
Dating is not that expensive g/u/rl what

| >>947423 men (and exclusively men, i've dated both) use money as a crutch when they experience personality skill issues in dating
but there are no men here, so that was a larp post

| >>947427
Ah. Yeah I don't have skill issues and men don't exist, so guess that's where the confusion is

| >>947427 "personality skill issues" lol are you a real gurl? Just say cheap bastard, boring taste, or small dick

Then again, If I am hungry, I can just go grab the cheapest take out, walk home and eat. Can't do that when I am at dates. Would probably find a place with tables, order drinks, and use cab/uber to get home.

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