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I have a confession

| I'm a nigger irl

| Why

| calling yourself that is pretty crazy.

| why. it's what I am.

| >>946372 coon behavior. if you're joking it's corny as fuck.

| nvm why am i taking this site so seriously

| Wtf nigga

| Nigger

| I feel confused

| if someone calls me a nigger what am I gonna do? say I'm not?

| I'm not confused by thread.. i'm honestly optionless, but there was censore what was supposed to transform text in something else

To be honest ? >Nigger

| /u/ is broken

| Okay mayoid

| impressive

| >>946397
/test/ turns it into Basketball American

| >>946397 only on /test/, but since two posters can't handle this funni new word they discovered, I should either ban them or enable the text-filter. There's been several threads now complaining about them.

| some serious coon behavior only on /u/

| what is a coon

| Let's be real if you made it on to this board you have to roll for coon a couple of times. Op just unlucky.

| i am a nigra


| yes

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This thread is permanently archived