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| oh to have a CEO office boss lady who would buy me gifts despite telling her not to ( ≧Д≦)

or a huge man with a love for cooking (っ˘̩╭╮˘̩)っ

show yourselves

| I cute boy who can play video games for me while I write

| Someone who i could talk with all the time and steal a lot attention~

| Someone who i could talk with all the time and steal a lot attention~

| >ideal partner
you post on /u/. lower your fucking expectations

| >>946258 no way~

| >>946270 then suffer.

| Someone who likes card games and showers

| 2D

| >>946258
learn how to read a room already, sperg

| Abusive and manipulative girl who gaslights me for fun and has me cook for her

| >>946252 yeah but there is obviously more than that, like you wouldnt want this cracka to be fat (which is fair as long as you arent)
>>946292 g/u/rl....

| >>946275 >>946279 this
>>946292 maybe this too? but i can't cook :c

| >>946309 i have a very specific type :3

| a cute girl that is loyal to me

| >>c16cc7 I have a chef degree, if you just play Yu-Gi-Oh or MTG I'll take you

| I never learned these card games:c

| Failed normie who doesn't fit in and is a virgin despite being attractive for some reason

| >>946445 that's kinda interesting, why would u want that

| >>946447
I could write fucking pages about my ideal types and this is just one of them which i summed the fuck up.
But for what i posted probably cause that's me

| mildly depressed, constantly disheveled bitchass office worker guy who takes out his stress and ennui on me by banging me into oblivion. like edward norton in fight club (but without the split personality (maybe))

| someone who loves me

| For starters, a woman, so no, it is impossible to find it here

| My current girlfriend is my ideal partner.

| >>946649 pls pls please pld

| >>946705 one of these days you'll get yourself ntr'd as a convoluted self-harm mechanism

| (you)

| My ideal partner is from the 2 Dimensions Kingdom.

| Jill

| >>a73241 's current girlfriend is my ideal partner.

| Pretty, sharp-looking, overly rational CEO girl with which I could always aggressively contend for dominant position in the couple.

| someone handsome, has a lot of money, is stable with work and income, has many best friends equally on both genders, very dedicated on the private life, knows and respects boundaries and limits, very logical and smart, will be able to make any moment enjoyable while with them, can be also very vulnerable and sentimental, very careful and attentive, just wants to life a peaceful life and being with the people who he loves in his last years of life.

| is someone like this in /u/???

| also he must be really talented in music and can play many instruments as well as being able to compose them. I'd also like if he was a little into some geek stuff but it's not necessary >.<

| I want an evil queen and she should have no morals. Also must have a lovely ojou laugh.

| >>946964 ojou are not real

| Someone who can teach me to cook, plays video games with me, someone who is touchy and sweet and is actually interested me as a person. As an introverted alcoholic, I just want my ideal person to be someone can I can vibe with for a long time U.U Bonus points if they're a bit (or a lot) femme.

| >>946961 let alone in /u/, nobody fits your criteria IRL. Okay, let's say he is the 0,0001% and he exists, he would have already been taken. Or only want to date girl with same quality as him.

| A g/u/rl who laught about my innocent and bad jokes, confident enough to have her own life and don't depend on others but taking care of the person who loves. And it would be great if she has some interesting hobbies which she could share with me.

| At this point of my life where I'm still young and have estability, I want to meet a pretty g/u/rl and spend a good time together, but nothing sexually related, just talking about ourselves.

| >>946960
IDK, I fit like 8 criteria of your list. I don't want that much the peaceful life, I have not many friends, but solid, and the money — although for my country it is much, I am not filthy rich, for sure, I don't have lots of properties in my possession. I do aim higher, while I am still young, though.

| >>5e7590
Nah I am more well-versed in poetry and whenever I feel like music, I pirate FruityLoops Studio

| >>946989
That's true, I've created another thread, and it is a complex task to find a worthy match.

| >>947015 oh hey, a croat
cool and rare

| >>713aac
I am a Russian ????????????

| >>947020 same difference
thanks for outing yourself for free lmao

| >>947021
I am proud to be normal European (not gay). :+)

| >>947022 considering you're not already dead in bakhmut, you're more than likely to be sucking turkish dick so you have somewhere to stay
if you are in the *stans god help you

| >>947025
I am in Russia, though. What's so bad about dying for a Russian city, though? *thinks hard*

| >>947027 sugoi esa nee-chan

| >>947028
I think, Constantinople might use some retaking.......

| >>947029
You belong to Reichskommissariat Moskowien.

| >>b52047
>Germanc*ck appears
Why not in Turkish?

| >>947016 c-can you make a poetry on spot?

| >>946445
stop describing me fr fr (I lied, I did it in highschool)

| probably some mentally girl, as I don't like normies and I'm quite special myself, that would stalk me and would crave for my love & attention, to the point of gaslighting and fake suicide menace if I dare to not look at her.

| >>947141
The board is full of sadly things
That write unnormies and misfits
Each tries to change their petty life —
They lack decision, but still try.
But isn't it the best, the moment
Of slowly overcoming pain?
But isn't it the greatest point
Which from a boy makes a man?

| >>947154
ooh you're very cool, really, lemme try this.
The board is place for adventures
It poses enigmatic themes
Does it understand itself?
It doesn't mind it
The flow will keep going
For this more fun will happen
Is it not beatiful?
Like a flower trying to bloom
Although with unconventional food
And frail constitution
Something unique will definitely appear

| I'm probably done some huge sin I can't notice on the beauty that poetry is, sorry.
Your post is so good at keeping it compact and ordered and still deliver it.

| ve* >.<

| Ideal g/u/rl is nerdy so we have common ground to talk on. Active enough to take jogs with me but not so active they exhaust me. Ideally they bully me (playfully) so we can have back and forth exchanges where we go at each other. I don't expect my post to be taken seriously on an alt-board but just as a heads up I am a sperg.

| mmm

either a kinda nerdy older woman with glasses, a snorty laugh, and a big tush

or a really approachably handsome, friendly, slightly dorky guy. taller than me, so at least 6 foot 1, good hair and someone i can futz around the city or hit a bar with as well as just stay in and read or play games

| >>db0bb1
Some sort of haiku? The verse isn't accentual-syllabic, some sort of vers libre?

| >>947226
This board is a place of adventure
Its travelers wallow in rapture
As they sin, as they fail, as they rise once again
Their life is eternal conjectures

They like and enjoy the sensation
Of excelling at communication
They might fail it in life, they might not feel alive
On the board they take rectification

They like the affirming of self
That will tuck the anxiety to shelf
They might bully, be cruel, and writhe in their rule
The forbidden sin of ambition

| >>946649 good enough for me, I'd take you.

As for the ideal type, you'd have to be a cock hungry sissy. A decently big dick is optional, a strap-on works as well.

| >>a56249
You live in/around Louisiana? If you're willing to settle for shorter than I think I could fill in for friendly dork. :P

| she's sitting with me on the couch right now

| Hmm I guess I am into successful career woman, hard working, kind but tough at the same time and can cook for me lol.

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