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How do I?

| How do I find a cute 130-140 IQ gf of 20-27 years that is not an anxious, depressed nerdy wack (ig someone like Motoko Kusanagi?)?
I have some places to check out, but overall, seems a hard quest.

I only put trust in God at this point.

I am serious.

| I think, checking out maybe if some do martial arts and then libraries and niche places.

| nerdy wack is good too thou

| >>946162
nah, it is boring af
I'm too low neuroticism, I don't want someone suicidal, depressed, unconfident and submissive. :/
I want someone more vital and fired-up to match my temper and intensity.

| so being a nerdy wack means suicidal/depressed... thou I understand as I will prefer a gf that initiate the action rather than a submissive one

| >>4a70f7
yes, because even though I might participate in "nerdy" interests, I do not consider myself a nerd and I don't feel like the type of a girl to just "barely exist" is a good fit for me. I want someone competitive. Like an intellectual tomboy of sort. :?

| goofy ass thread

| >>df104b
So, are you the female in question? :?

| >>946146 130+ without anxiety? lol

| >>946168
so real

| fun fact about motoko, she is having existional crisis and often is thinking about question what makes her human

| why limited at 140 tho?

| >putting trust in God while on danger/u/

ah. well goodluck OP.

| lol

| >>c070e7
I test 135 and I don't have anxiety. I do have a stoic mindset, vitalist ideas and weird ways to look at life, but anxious? Far from it. I have problems, always straining myself to approach more sensitive people. They don't understand simple imo ways of surviving the sufferings of life which I am cynically aware of. I am like a white crow, honestly, the nerdies are too quick to "intellectualise" their weaknesses, driven by ressentiment, which I see as absolute cringe.

| >>0516cc
Not exactly limited, the more the better. I just don't like being read or controlled, so I want someone more or less equal to keep the challenge of domination going. I think, too big IQ might be converted to insane EQ and then she could calculate and completely manipulate me without me realising. That would be a cool challenge, but that would also ruin the power dynamics and I would seem too boring for her, thus, unattractive and the chemistry would end.

| >>228d11

| >>c070e7
Having existential crisis and being anxious is not the same. Having an existential crisis is questioning your raison d'être and even though, it may shake you, still can overcome it with peace of mind. I have experienced like 4 maybe, it just got me stronger eventually.

| >>946241 i was maybe not accurate i wanted to more use words depressive.. in 12 i was tested with 140.. idk if it wasn't change since it.. but based my pick of close friends or people what i saw on uni, i don't think that this dreamed combination is common.. but truth is that i compare it by myself and people what i like.. and 2 girls what i had crush in commited suicide.. maybe i just have sick pattern.. but i wish you good luck ^^

| >>946244 i guess so.. truth is that my personality is weird.. and i'm terribly needy.. worstest is that i can see some weird things on myself

| >I test 135
again, you post on /u/
you might have test solving capabilities but sure do not have the social skills needed to find the right community to even ask this question
i do not envy the potential partner that has to watch you spill spaghetti while you tell her how stoic you are

| >>0acc06
I posted specifically on a niche community I am aware of, precisely because there is a chance of some actually good thought appearing. I asked for places and methods, not probabilities, this is the kind of mindset I'm talking about. I know, my very rough estimate is like 0.003% of girls of my age, I still want to get family and laid, though. Doesn't mean I'm stopping halfway and justifying myself.

| >>c070e7
I know, most of my most intellectually stimulating friends are depressed or at least anxious and insecure. Like, 140 people. They are a complete wack, and even though they might stimulate me intellectually, they lack that determination and assertiveness, thus turning all the chemistry off, because I end up explaining them how to just live well.

| >>0acc06
Precisely, she must be even more abrasive. You got it.

| >>946254
I used to be needy, but now I am just very intense and possesive, because I figured neediness kills the chemistry and I now suppress it.

| >>946166

With OPs mindset he's already set himself out to remain forever alone. Why would a confident intellectual ever date this confused weirdo?

| >>946242 first, you're quite the dedicated one aren't you? It appears that you do believe to find a fruitful chat by being invested here. I won't judge, but you're seeking the opposite theme of personality to this board in this board. Did I've got this right?

| Second, the gesture you talk about may sound familiar to me.
Did you ever experience such partner or have you seen the development it takes toward certain failure in many instances?

| Also it seems that you seek someone with a strong spirit that can reason around her situation. I believe that, such person would be strictly be found much more easily with the younger age. As the older would neither have succeeded to find and fit on a good life work and took her own initiative to find a partner by herself. On the other side if the is the version who's failed and is now walking toward the other side of your tastes.

| Given this.
You need to find some busy places.
You may won't even have to seek as she could be the one finding you as long as you keep yourself moving in the society (you'll still have to be on the hunting even when found), you just need to stay as an appreciable person on the meanwhile.
You may could take the "I can fix her" route in some depressing places, given that the one you were to find have yet to fully lose it.
Tell me if you have got any cool insight on this.

| A cute thing.
What's going on behind that probability?
How would you produce that given all the modificators existing?
it seems very hard to rely on or give even any importance to.

| >>946298 >>946266 I see, you think good things can happen if you hang around here. Are you willed to expand your thought about it?
Do you have yourself be taken as someone who's learnt his owns self from the stray roads?

| >>0516cc
Thanks, based king. That's a solid piece of thought you gave, especially on "losing it" moment, which such sort of a person might potentially experience.
But yeah, for that specifically I have developed some of that social skillf**ery and can be very motivating and inspiring (motivated my whole group chat to work on exercise and seek purpose in life), so with a certain degree of "going to the other side of my tastes" I can deal, as long, as they didn't completely melt.

| >>0516cc
I kinda got emotionally, physically abused, never got any of my numerous infatuations reciprocated, got hooked by all sorts of manipulators, lost sense of purpose, got existential crises, yet I stopped caring, because I learnt to reframe every suffering as experience, and now I am too stable, to the point, that I don't understand what people worry about. Life is awesome, but I do need a person to enjoy it together with.

| >>0516cc
Your answer is precisely the reason I asked. I know that the game is popupar among my techy geeky friends (a techy guy myselt) with brains, so naturally I can expect answers, having stated a problem.
I respect and thank you for giving me some directions. Now about the busy places — could you please point maybe some more examples of the places that type of person could enjoy? If I were to infer from myself, I don't attend that many events or irl public places.

| >>946299
I have completed my portrait of such a partner from all my infatuations and self-analysis on whatever I liked in their characters. The person that made an impression closest to that portrait took me 15 minutes of text without any other data (like photos, age, anything) to get a solid infatuation. That is something I now bare in mind. Where should I seek is all I ask.

| >>946299
I also can see possible failures, but the point is that a solid part of me wants the relationship be rough and intense in that sort of way, two dominant personalities would vie for power. I'd like more to have someone as strong by my side.

| goofy ass thread

| >>79758f You know, it looks very well that together we could find an answer by keep bouncing to each others their own points.
The play is a thick forest and a legendary exotic place at the end. Me cutting down tree with good care and you keeping the motivation up on the quest, you feel on fire at everything you say, you just go straight and make sure, no, just know to do that too well to change it.

| But I'm not getting much of interest.
Instead I'll pull out bad events in your way, the first one askes:"why would you seek a partner?"
I feel like as if I don't even need to lend you any more questions for you to make a satisfying answer.

| >>946351
To keep me motivated. I am hungry for life experiences and what is more lively than a worthy lady? And the ways I could grow after meeting one, the ways we could grow together and propel each other towards best versions of ourselves, wouldn't that be inspiring? Wouldn't that touch my heart so deeply, that a whole new dimension of me would open? I am positive on that.

| >>946387 I feel like as if I shouldn't be the person to give you the simple conclusive directions you should take. My view doesn't matches yours. We'll run in a dispute instead. It's going to be time wasting for both of us.
I don't mean to keep you forced to hang around here more than this.

| I don't want to touch your character any further, there is probably a reason for it to be like this.
I can talk about other topics tho. But I see that you should change air to somewhere else to keep yourself on your wanted tracks.

| I don't want to be into your personal's zone too much. Since what you say is at the peak of yourself. And you want it to happen a lot, so you're neither trying to push a naive conviction or you've gone under far too many preparations before taking the trip.
Neither way, as for on topic point for the thread, I'll give you this.

| As you've not got the miracle of just owning the choice, you may'll have to be taken as a lower position, where you would've the possession in range. But fate ain't kind, nor even. It leave many crumbs behind, for such only fews do get the right to be on high with no knowledge of the low.

| The remains will have to see on their own where the land is, if to grown on mobility or not, why? Because the very first thing an infant wants is to get rid of are the restrictions that they had to endure; some are strong but late, some are weak but on point, nobody can decide, it just is what the nature just could've managed to gift.

| At the end to reach the light, each single one have different taskes, but it's worthless. Because it's not defined, because it only happens in the mind. Because it'll reapeat and repeat. There is nothing more to entertain this kind. When you start at the end, you've already done too much by simply existing. How repeating is the sight of what only does happen. I'm just living.

| As a simplier last thing today. Have fun at keep going with your quest.

| >>604a0f
I understand.
I've come up with some options by asking friends, maybe I'll soon act on it with a clearer path on mind.
Furthermore I don't really believe in fate, more in some sort of Providence. I think, I'll get at it, if I really need it. And if I needn't then I won't. The only way to find out if I am divinely entitled to a dream girl, is do my best to try life at getting her.
I am very far from my peak, though, more like at the start.

| >>946555 I see, in the end you're always prepared to convert everything will happen in experience to better yourself, regardless which kind of impactful events it'll come up to face you.
And yet, you're also willed to departure, even so you'll have to try yourself on many unknown roads.
Such convinction.

| As expected, there is nothing to do with your character. You've build yourself quite well and you will keep take any chance to make any imperfection de exist at sight. Further more, you've got youself a fitting task to carry on that will also have itself the potential to boost you to match higher taskes.

| We haven't much left to talk about. We're too distant. There isn't an easy even ground for us to find.

You're alright, you can fail, you'll be happy, you'll be sad, who knows.
But if you truly were to hold beliefs, at least you'll be able to keep your spirit intact.

| >>946583
Yeah, I do be typing as Enneagram 8, speaking in cringe terms, all this "mastery of life" do be resonating with me, so I just need to keep my "pain to experience to improvement" machine going.
I just stopped caring at some point, and now I just want to achieve as much as I can to at least live an interesting life I won't regret living. Making some money, going after my passions, finding my soulmate and then finally solace in God sounds a good deal for me.

| >>946146 step 1 : become 130-140 iq, 20-27, dont be anxious or depressed
step 2 : get into a social circle
step 3 : find a girl who isnt autistic like you described
4 : profit!

| >>cf8411
Yeah, was just asking what kind of social circles to join, like the whole point was the places.

| >>cf8411

Hmm, I think I just worded myself poorly. Maybe, I should have said clearlier, that I need not that much ways, but rather places. I just think, I might not know all possible social circles due to lack of networking.

| >>946638 are u in college right now?

| >>cf8411
Sadly no, I've graduated with Bachelor's to start working and living on myself just some years ago. I also work remotely, I think about changing the workplace to a bigger company with office attendance so I'll have some social circle going on and then could expand it in direction of other departments, given the company is big enough.

| >>82d30b
Found a video, that describes my whole layered personality :)))

| you won't find one on danger/u/ we are too gay and retarded

| >>9695a0
I know, I am trying exploit your brainpower (crossed out) hear out your valuable advice on solving my situation, because I myself am a mere human.

| >>946647 understandable but this board is for gurls of 80 IQ or below so i doubt we can help

| >>9695a0
Like I'd believe it, lol

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