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are you kys or don't kys club?

| Are you kind of people what are you wishing them to kill them yourself? Or one of these what are you writing long essay about why don't do it? And why?

Me myself i'm polygamy

| i try talking people out of shit like that. i recall a discord user that was a "lolcow" in my circle of friends (mostly acquaintances) in like 2017.

it was all fun and games until bro started saying he wanted to die.

| I don't see why I shoud tell people to kill themselves? Don't I have better shit to do?

| I've been there but got pulled out last second by somebody amazing, so whenever I talk by somebody I give af about then I'll help the best I can to pass on the blessing
Cheesy af but idk

| Depands

| The only place i'd ever see it "appropriate" to tell someone to actually end their life is in a call of duty lobby while everyone is screaming at each other at the end of a round.
But personally, its much more fun to think of unique ways of how I'd end their life for them instead of just being boring and telling them to off themselves.
Plus, the block button is leagues more effective at getting rid of an annoyance then telling them to kys, and will make sure they cant laugh at you.

| >>945576 kys

| kys

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This thread is permanently archived