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I hate attractive people

| you think you're better than me? well you are and I hate you for it. It's not my fault I'm ugly. why cant I be attractive. fuck you.

| i do think i'm a lot better than you. and the g/u/rls will agree. :3

| fuck you bitch

| stay mad beautylet

| The insecure sounds super unattractive.

| >>945299
Not my fault. wouldn't be insecure if anyone validated me or showed me any love even once in my life.

| >>945301 I love you Natalie

| >>f4beed
Skill issue of care about how anyone thinks of you.

| im cute

| >>945301 Insecure? Why don't you go secure some bitches

| >>945316
ok bro where

| what if I'm physically attractive but insecure and socially awkward

| >>945301 you gotta not also be an asshole g/u/rl. i'm ugly as fuck and have brain problems and people still get close to me when i'm nice. if you need to learn how to do that, i recommend taking it slowly and try hanging out with queer people, they're easier to please cause they tell you their standards up front

| If people around you dislik you and/or think you are unattractive at any given moment, then it's not their fault, it's your fault. Go hate on yourself not others, then think of some ways to improve your image.

| They're great to be friends with, I feel more attractive around them

| >>945324
then you're me

| >>945593
fr fr

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