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My poetry

| I stuck a dick in the flour.
The dick covered by flour, I can't.
I put urine in there.
I'm going to knead the dough right now.
I still shit in flour.
And I barf into it.
I'll put my snot in there.
And I'll mix it all up.

I'm a fucking chef, a fucking pastry chef.
The cook is a zaebashka, the faggot is a pest.

| I'll put an egg in there.
Not chicken, my own.
I'll jerk my sperm there.
Here's some fucked up food.
There are twenty liters of estrus.
Mix all this by hand.
I fucking put there a curd.
I'll have a pie.

Well, quickly faggots.
Set up the cups.
I'm on the first.
Shit in there.
I will feed you now.
To the fucking severe diarrhea.
So that you die in the push.
From purulent vomit.

| pretty kino I give it like a 6/10 closer to a 7 than a 5

| Ok, it's not me, it's google translate, but I'm still good

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This thread is permanently archived