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phantom pain

| How are phantom pains real. can someone explain to me how you can feel pain in a body part that you don't even have?

| brains and nervous systems are just really weird dw about it

| If you've ever played the phantom pain for an extended amount of time and saw a container crate in real life you wanted to Fulton but you couldn't.

Take that and make it painful because you've been fultoning crates since the womb.

| a phantom murder attempt gone wrong

| not joking, go to doctors before it is too late.

| Random VRChat degen with phantom sense here.
It's basically just your brain filling in gaps in your senses. Even though you arent really feeling something, your brain recieves certain stimuli and interperets you should be feeling something for one reason or another and sends those signals since it thinks you should be in pain or something based on that stimuli.
I might not be missing a limb or something serious, but I'd imagine its similar; "Brain says that hurts? It hurts now."

| ^I could easily be wrong though, am just a brainlet. Do your own research pls :3

| I had 2x probably epilepsy in recent 3 months first time in my life..
I feel that it can be little similar?
Shortly before attack i had feel that my body is "finding something" i can't fully explain it.. but it was feel as that my head and neck need to rotate left.. but it wasn't able to find what was looking for.. so it did more.. and more.. until i lost awareness.. and sleep.. it was feel as looking for phantom dimensions controlled by demon..

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This thread is permanently archived