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wahhhh im hrony

| please be mean say mean things bully me

| good afternoon

| aren't you a cutie-patootie

| hornyposting outside /d/ should get you shot in the head.

now allow me to degrade you. you're a worthless shit. a worthless no-life having coomer with no reason to look up. oo i know you stink irl too. and you have no parents.

| have actual hobbies

| From my research, horny gurl that post on anon text board are all cute and should carry my gene

| >>943565 one (1) gene
mf doesn't have an extra chromosome
he's only gone and lost all the others

| No horny bonk, you get the wall you cumsicle

| >>943565 MY GENE lol I like the effort :3

| >>943563 my hobbies number in tge hundreds of thousands

| >>943559 >////>

| >>943572 oh my how forward of you

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This thread is permanently archived