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Life is good, how about you?

| It's the little things. Been living on myself recently. Finally able to sleep in and had a great brunch with soup, brie, breads and fruits. Might go for a walk next.

How are you doing g/u/r/l/s?

| That’s so nice to hear. It really is the small things that make life great. Brie is one of the better things in life, camembert I love even more. I myself just finished my master’s degree. I have to find a job now. It’s been paralyzing me a little, I need to unfreeze. Still got a part time job though and I’m taking walks or working out. The sun is shining. All will be well.

| I'm doing terrible. I can consciously feel the time I'm wasting. I'm in college but have been avoiding it completely

| >>95dbc9 Why dont you go then?

| If you enjoy life then I hope you die.

| >>42c7f3
Simular situation, life is great sis.

| >>bc619f

| My day was amazing, until I see the amount of ID replyers in this thread

| >>d1856c stay mad

| >>943568 I'm not mad, But I'm sad about the fact that you choose to keep replying to me with ID, even with the knowledge that replying with Post number make it easier to see whom reply to who, and the post reader don't have to cross check the ID to see who your post are referring to ;(

| >>943561
your mom is happy (on my dick)

| >>21b74e
no way

| >>943570 >>d1856c Ok

| >>943505 i feel happy for you ^^
>>d1856c you will use to it
about me.. probably everything is "ok".. but i miss someone

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