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i cant imagine being a big person

| you're too tall or wide to fit and squish through things? ROFLMFAO

| Can't imagine having to look up to talk with normal peoples

| You're going into air vent when the nukes drop to get supplies lmao

| Imagine rolling down a hill and taking out everyone at the bottom

| It would be extremely painful.

| im tall and have back problems as a result. being tall sucks.

| >>943367 hahahhahaha!!!!!!!!

| >>943367 nah you probably have some other problems. I am 6'2 with a manual labor job and my back is ok. Just remember don't lift with your knees always your back.

| >>943486 booooooooooooooooo

| short ppl got no reason to live
(other than being adorably cuddly)

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This thread is permanently archived