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| I want to hurt people that lick their finger before seperating paper. It's not fucking hard to do you don't need to put your filthy saliva on it you stupid bitches

| https://youtu.be/U2MhffDietE

| Hurt me hurt me hurt me PLEASE

| >>943291 bro, of course it does.
sure you can flip the pages by using your finger at the top of the page, but if you want faster page flipping, the easy way to go is to just slide your fingers across the page, but if your fingers are smooth and dry, it'll just slide across the page without flipping it. A little moisture goes a long way, and what part of your body is always moist. your tongue of course!

| you can argue the eyes as well but go touch your eyeballs to flip your page if that's your thing

| >>943291
just for yoy, I let a dog lick my fingers before I flipped all the pages of the book you're reading now. no need to thank me =)

| saliva STINKS

| I wouldn't mind someone doing it if they were a cute girl. Even if their saliva was stinky.

| stinky musty armpits with saliva all over them

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This thread is permanently archived