Need Advice

| Basically, cute girl at work, real goober. I started working after her, but now I'm technically her manager.
Now, my ass has caught feelings. And I'm planning on asking her on a date.
Do I still ask her out?

| What's more important? Your job or your potential relationship with her? These are two mutually exclusive objectives OP. You need to make a decision. Do you want your job, and choose not to love the g/u/rl? Or do you want the possibility of a g/u/rl, and find a different job?

| >>939173 I'm already on the lookout for replacement jobs, since there's an almost hostile takeover going on there.
So I take it I should wait then?

There was a couple that left when I started, one manager and one associate, but they were crusty and quit. Not sure if that changes the light at all.

| >>939174 it's a tough decision that I don't have enough insight into the situation to make for you g/u/rl. My last comment is about as much advice as I can offer you, sorry. Best of luck in your job hunt though! Sorry to hear about the takeover.

| And good luck with the g/u/rl too. <3

| If you were on the same level on hierarchy it would be debatable, but you are her manager? A blunt no.

| >>939177 Well I am now, but she has 3 months seniority over me. Hell, she even trained me when I started.

>>4fccde Thanks for the input lad.

| I dunno, did she display any interest in you at all? Maybe she's not looking for a date.

| >>939193 Honestly hard to tell, I've never been that aware of that sort of stuff, but I feel like there's interest, given the shenanigans we've done.
But yeah, you might be right with the date bit. But how can I tell?

| Try sex

| What kind of shenanigans have you done?

| here's a thought: instead of fucking randos from work, why don't you fuck your sister?

| >>939278 Just general work shenanigans, pranks on coworkers and the such.

| Magical dice: 3

| >>939287 in that case, if you really want to progress on your relationship, you should take small steps. One thing you could do is invite her for lunch, but phrasing it kind of like "Hey <name>, I'm going to a nearby cafe to get some lunch, want to come along?"

| You could also check the interpersonal stackexchange, I'm sure there has been people in this same situation, and you can find more expert people there

| >>939194
while you two are eating lunch, ask her if she wants to hang out after work. Show interest about shared passions. If both of you like to do or see something, invite her to go with you to do or see that thing.
From there, if she says yes, congratulations! You are now friends outside of work. Do things together and ask her out. Mention you are really bad at reading signs of interest, if you are lucky she'll kiss you first.
And if not, you won't be working together long

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