Can I tripfag on Dangeru?

| Title. Also good evening and morning to all of you, (:

| why would u

| Yeah, but you need the Danger/pass/.

| Term not understood, dick caught in ceiling fan. Please define tripfag

| Its were a person edges many times and slowly drips pre cum into another's mouth. Hope that clears up the confusion

| >*Global Announcement*: (UWU*)

| id love to edge for you uwu

| >>327416 it means having using a tripcode to certify your identity on an anomyous board like 4chan

| >>511767 >>939129 im so stupid I can't tell if you're serious

| >>939363 Using the Danger/pass/, you can also make private posts for other /pass/ members, like this:


| Danger/pass/ members can also upload and viev pictures. The post

| The post will appear blank for non pass users




| How do I get the danger/pass/?

| >>939505 Post not sent - Automated Danger/u/ Bot


| It works thanks guys

| chief keef

| >>939324
no, no borzoi!

| Imagine not having a danger/pass/ it's 2023 people

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