shit, I don't have free will!

| I just noticed, I get motivation because things happened to me, not because I want to do things


| we never had free will
it's just some bullshit jews made up so they can discriminate against "sinners"

| No man is an island, you may not have free will but it's better to act as you if you do.

| Idk about you, but I fuarrk soykaf up according to my free and strong will.

| Constantly.

| >>939001 jews didn't invent free will retard you just want people to fall in line easily

| I love jews

| You should all embrace bimbofication.

| Jews smell like Kosher

| Our brains are maybe having something to do with Quantum physics.

If it's true: we have free will, because quantum physics can't be 100% predicted, only guessed

If it's false: our lifes are determinated

| https://medium.com/the-infinite-universe/quantum-physics-may-imply-the-existence-of-free-will-c05ccac55191

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