hi looking for a job :)

| Unironically. I need to take up a full time position that I can do with a laptop. I already do art commissions; thinking about doing nsfw for extra coin. Working part time as a cashier on the family mart in front of our house. I go to college but yeah I think I'll stop that for now

Besides dumping, I posted here to get ideas. I've heard about web devving but honestly I have no idea about any of that, I'm like tech illiterate. help me :(

| google "dread", go there, search for "carding", learn it, donacdum

| t. got through uni pwning rich fucks with more money than sense

| >>938996 scamming? well
dont mind if i do :[

| >>939075 there is no ethical employment under capitalism

| >>938994
Same but i know C and am learning Python

| >>938994 I pay you to make my game. Please

| >>939118 What do you get out of that, and... for a dumb boomer is it hard
>>939125 You said please! I'm listening :)

| >>938994 Try out learning web dev, the first steps are the hardest ones but once you get into it you will keep learning and understanding more of it. Start with the basics of HTML and CSS (to know how the visuals works), then some Javascript and using it together with HTML (some logic and dynamic web). Once you get enough confidence you should move to popular web frameworks, Angular, React, Ruby on rails, etc.

| >>939310 Or why don't you try live 2d? You already know how to draw, and live 2d rigging is pretty popular right now. It needs a few more steps than regular drawing, but you could learn about it and take advantage of its popularity.

| True, you can make boku bank on vtuber models if you're a good artist + rigger.

| hi looking for a blowjob :)

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