White people are not appreciated enough!

| Not only is there some dumb trope about pale skin being pasty or something, but also try looking up 'white people are beautiful' in google and you end up with a lot of BS non-appreciating results! There's actually a lot of anti-white hate nowadays. White people aren't celebrated enough so this is for you, white skin & blue/green eyes are beautiful! You're not dumb for being blonde! White people are the best!

| Furthermore white people make the best doms since they are strangely naturally more inclined/meant to be masters. Did you know that behind a lot of hate by nonwhites there is not only jealousy but a secret desire to be dominated? Come back atop the natural order of things pleaaase

| You built the modern world and all of advanced civilization, alongside some rare exceptions (most modern inventions ever to be found in the France-Britain-Germany triangle)
Be proud! If there was no Europe it would be a pretty sad world! Even migrants agree, everyone wants to get into the west. Love yourselves! Don't ever listen to the postmodern bullshit! You are so hot!!!

| You should listen to more Folk music. Like Wardruna and Heilungr and Munknörr etc etc... and remember wen you're listening to this beautiful music, that these are your unequaled roots and you an feel them deep down in your blood...
So, uh, can you come back to the world with that pure dom energy pls? ...I wanna be conquered...

| Shut up

You're brown

| >written in american english
ok mongrel

| >>938855 >>938856
Yup thank you

| Retard
We'll see how well your white skullshape fairs against a rock

| >>938859
You're not very smart are you?

| >>938860 don't need to be smart to know good things are good and bad things are bad ^^

| things never really change on danger/u/

| >>938862
...Yes you do

| I agree with this on principle

| Coons be saying they keep getting disrespected by "femoids" when in reality its because they strive for white girls because female cooks smell like actual shit

| >>938904 schizophrenia

| >>938882 you just need to follow what I think! It's really easy

| >>938846 Tila Tequila is that you?

| >>938909
When you think you know things but you dumb

| white...white...white...white...WHITE....WHITE.....WHITE ????

| your ancestors look down on you in disappointment, OP.

| all of you weirdos should love yourselves tbh. just don't be weird about it

| >>938849
And this is the reason why my culture and history nowadays is associated with white supremacy

| Ah, yes, because all white people are united under a single culture and background

| I hate niggers and lgbt

| >>939020
Why do you hate yourself gurl?

| >>939032 I hate myself because I don't even have the strength to wash myself, I live with my parents and all I do is eat, surf the internet and masturbate. I really need to find a job and stop being a NEET.

| >>939040 it's ok, white people do that too

| EVERYBODY SHUT UP!!1! *fucks everyones mouth*

| >>939040
That's just called being depressed gurl. You should try getting some help for that. It's not forever

Probably more white people than others tbh

| >>938846 The Jews

| This thread was made by hebrews for hebrews

| >>939040 being able to get neet status is blessing. You'll miss it and will always say "if only I was wiser about using my free time to gain understanding on my future prospectives and plans".
If you've got issues with washing yourself, you'll need to take small step, it's alright to accept how little you can manage. The biggest gain is the amount of improvements you can keep concentrate on yourself.

| >>939040 First you'll need to learn to take care of your body. You'll be always mentally impaired from being able to learn if you keep yourself so laid down. A good thing to do is working on your stamina and do some running. You may'll find destroying having to push yourself in a fatigue state but you'll give your whole body the chance to be expressed. It takes an happy body to motivate the mind to think with passion.

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