i got girlbossed by the girl i like

| i am in trouble and i am brushing, hehe

| hehe

| try sucking her dick

| >>938835
> girl
> dick
I have some bad news for you.

| >>938840

I have some good news for you

| >>938841
Futas don't exist

| >>938842
Who told you that lie smh they should have informed you better

| >>938843
why do you lie on anonymous textboard?

| >>938844
Girl dick is real and everyone knows it!1!1!!

| >>938850
ok shoe me one then

| show*

| Girldick :3

| This op, i have never mentioned dick wtf

| >>938864 ☹️ mfw gf with no dick

| god i need some girldick...

| >>938842 I have some troubling news for you

| Being a better boss by teaching her about the Baltic participation in ww1 then giving her anal sex

| >>938884
tell me

| Cool?

| Man even though i have zero chance to be in relationship with such angel, able to fantasize in my head is the best, she just gave me warm caring words today, oh boy.

| Oh man

| Bruh

| Damn bro. You good?

| I think so

| My gf has a dick and so does her gf

| man

| >>939108 need need need nee

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