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Feeling trapped ig?

| Idk, i've just been feeling like a pawn who's in front of another and just can't move anymore, anyone
here deal with that?

| I love your chess way to describe.

Other than that I can't really give a chat without a context. Are perhaps even stuck from being able to word your current situation naturally?

| Nah it's more of a stuck in the sense i don't know what to do with my life anymore. I'm not really too much in control of it anymore, just a downward spiral.

I'll take that first thing as a compliment btw

| i feel as queen blocked in corner, full of potentials but without ability to realize them

| I feel like a horsie. I move in an L-shaped pattern. :D

| I feel like a bishop. No matter how much I want to I can never go straight

| Flip the board and play checkers you fuck

| >>936370 you are that fucking horsie what i can easily kill but>>936375 left starting position and aim to corner
>>936379 based xd

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This thread is permanently archived